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Article Do you limit the amount of mails I can send per hour?
Yes, we do. The amount of mails sent per hour is limited to 500 per user. We do this to minimize...
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Article Do you offer any anti-virus protection for emails?
Yes, we do. This comes automatically with our mail system and requires nothing from you to make...
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Article How can I setup email with Microsoft Outlook 2000?
After loading Outlook, choose Tools... --> Accounts... Click Add... --> Mail... Type in the...
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Article How can I setup email with Outlook Express?
When Outlook Express Starts click Tools -> Accounts Inside the "Internet Accounts Windows"...
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Article How do I access webmail?
You may access webmail, by going to http://www.yourdomain.tld/webmail/ after your domain has...
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Article How do I change my email password?
To change the password on any email account, you'll first need to log into the account's Cpanel....
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Article How do I change the outgoing mail port in outlook 2000?
Go to 'tools', then 'email accounts'. Select 'view or change an existing account'. Select the...
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Article How do I change the outgoing mail port in outlook express?
In Outlook Express, select 'tools' from the top menu bar. Go to 'accounts'. Select the email...
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Article How do I configure Eudora for my account?
Within Eudora, Select "Tools" and then Select "Options". Within the Tool Bar on the left side of...
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Article How do I set up an email address in Cpanel?
1. Login to your control panel. 2. In the Email section click on Manage Accounts. 3. At the...
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Article How do I set up Thunderbird for your servers?
1. In Mozilla Thunderbird , select Tools > Account Settings. 2. On the New Account Setup...
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Article I can receive mail, but I cannot send it. Can you tell me what's wrong?
This problem has a number of common causes. Generally, unless you've received an announcement...
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Article I'm getting an " unrouteable mail domain " message when I send email. What's wrong?
This error most often indicates that you have reached our limit for sending mail for the given...
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Article Is there a secure https login for Webmail?
Yes, there is. Try: or You may get a...
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Article My email isn't working, please help
Here are some solutions to common email problems that will save you some stress with email. 1....
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Article My ISP blocks port 25. Can I still use your SMTP server to send mail?
Yes, you can. Please try changing the port for SMTP in your mail client to port26.
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Article The Spam Assassin SpamBox
In order to view the spam directory, login to webmail ( as the main...
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Article What email clients can I use for my email accounts?
You can use pretty much any mail client you like with our mail service. Clients such as Eudora,...
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Article What is my POP3 server?
Your pop3 server is either the IP in your welcome email, or, if propagation has completed,...
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Article What is my SMTP Server?
Your SMTP server is the IP found in your welcome email, or, if propagation has completed,...
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Article What is the Path to Sendmail?
The path to sendmail is /usr/sbin/sendmail
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Article What is your policy on SPAM?
We have a zero tolerance policy on SPAM. if you do it, your account will be terminated immediately.
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