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Folder Billing & Payments (10)
Common issues regarding billing and account setup.
Folder CGI and PHP Scripting (12)
Instructions to create dynamic websites by making the most of using CGI and PHP scripting.
Folder Cpanel Advanced (4)
Guide to some of the more advanced features on your Cpanel account.
Folder Cpanel Hosting Questions (8)
All about the Cpanel control panel and how to best use it to control your own hosting account.
Folder Cpanel Preferences (8)
Make your hosting account your own with these tips.
Folder Domain Names & DNS (15)
Information about domain name system are covered here.
Folder E-Commerce Hosting (2)
E-commerce hosting as a concept, as well as all of the utilities that are bundled with your shared hosting account
Folder Email Questions (22)
Everything you ever wanted to know (maybe even a bit more than that) about email, how to troubleshoot it, and how to use it with your account.
Folder Front Page Questions (17)
Information about the Front Page Extensions and how to use, troubleshoot, and repair them.
Folder FTP Questions (9)
Enter the wonderful and exciting world of File Transfer Protocol here.
Folder Getting Started (12)
Some basic things to get started.
Folder Linux Questions (2)
Your general Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS questions can be answered here.
Folder MySQL Questions (8)
Most applications require a database to function. You can learn how to use it here.
Folder Pre Sales Questions (22)
Few Pre Sale Questions, you may ask.
Folder Search Engine (4)
Information on how to list your website in search engine. A good SEO website will receive more traffic.
Folder Sending Contents (4)
This section will discuss about how you need to send contents and images for your website.
Folder Site Builder Help (1)
All help topics and flash tutorials of RV Site Builder provided by us.
Folder Video Tutorials (1)
This modern video tutorial section will guide your way through account management.
Folder Web Hosting (4)
Everything you need to know about website hosting.
Folder Website Aministrator (2)
This section will discuss about how to go through your website.
Folder Website Others (9)
This section will discuss the topics, which was unfortunately left earlier.
Folder Website Safety & Sequrity (4)
Tips & tricks for keeping your website safe and secure.
Folder Website Transfer (3)
Helpful tips and guide for hassle free Website Transfer.
Folder Website Troubleshoot (11)
Common troubleshooting steps for your website.
Folder WordPress Help (4)
Tips & tricks for WordPress installation and setup.

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This modern video tutorial section will guide your way through in domain management, hosting management, cpanel management, site builder, word...
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Article What userid will my PHP and CGI scripts run under?
CGI scripts run under your userid and group. (username.username) PHP scripts, however, will run as "nobody", since we run PHP as an apache module.
Views: 14660
Article How do I change my cPanel theme?
Login to cPanel. Locate and click on the "Change Style" icon located in the "Preferences" category. On the next page, simply select the...
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Article Cannot connect to database
This error will occur within a web application when any of the following conditions are met:   The database username is incorrect; The...
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Article Can I host friends' websites?
Yes, you may host your friends. If you want your friends to have their own control panels for their sites, you'll need to get a reseller account.
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