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Article How can I access mysql database remotely?
Under the mysql header in Cpanel, select 'manage mysql' Then scroll down to the 'access hosts'...
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Article How can I backup a database using phpmyadmin?
Backing up your database in Phpmyadmin is accomplished by doing the following: 1) Once you have...
Views: 6473
Article How do I add a mysql database in Cpanel?
To create a MySQL database: - Go to 'Manage Mysql' under the database header in Cpanel - In the...
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Article How do I delete a MYSQL database?
Removing a database will delete that database ENTIRELY from the server. Please make sure you have...
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Article How do I restore a database using PHPMyadmin?
You can restore a database backup in PHPMyadmin by doing the following: 1) After entering...
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Article What is Mysql?
MySQL is a Relational Database Management System. A relational database adds speed and...
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Article What is the default mysql port?
3306 is the default mysql port.
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Article What is the mysql host name?
Always use 'localhost' whenever asked.
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