How we expect website contents from you?

Users have to send their web page contents in MSword format or in Text Editor Like: Notepad also images for each WebPages separately, site logo separately in .jpeg or .png format.

For easy understanding, we have attached a file named ( Please download that schema folder here.

Please Note: After downloading please extract contents of that zip folder. In extracted folder, you need to follow the file schema, any instructions on it and how we arranged the sub folders and contents, images there. When you are ready with site contents and images please replace those sample images, sample logo, sample website contents, sample slider content and text with real one. After doing above job please create a fresh zip file and attach on our communicational email. If contents are large enough then please use Yousendit or Rapidshare service and email us your content download link.

Additional Information: If you are not ready with slider images, other site images then please don't confuse yourself. Be relax! we will develop for you. Actually we ask these information to understand your thoughts and expected looks and feel of your website.

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