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US Data Center

Unlike most other hosting providers Ingenious Website Solution offers 24x7x365 redundant monitoring capabilities from two Network Operations Center (NOC) locations, staffed by certified system administrators and security professionals. Our network management teams operate NOCs in Houston and Dallas to assure the most sophisticated and comprehensive systems monitoring and complete monitoring back-up in the event of any emergency.

Ingenious Website Solution policies and procedures for handling customer information have been created with the understanding that internet technologies are still evolving and that internet business methods are continuing to evolve to meet the needs and opportunities of the changing technologies. As a result, Ingenious Website Solution policies and procedures are subject to change.

When it comes to network speed and bandwidth, Ingenious Website Solution is second to none. With an unrivaled 100 gigabits per second speed, Ingenious Website Solution eliminates bandwidth traffic jams and roadblocks to assure high volume, instantaneous response for hosted applications.

By using multiple Tier 1 telecom providers and direct internet connections, we bypass transit networks and shorten the network path between your IT infrastructure and your customers. The result is lower latency, maximum speed and unsurpassed reliability. In short , Ingenious Website Solution provides you with the connectivity, bandwidth and stability you simply can't find anywhere else.

Bandwidth Providers: AT&T, AboveNet, Savvis, Verio, Global Crossing, Level 3, Time Warner Telecom, Cogent.

Ingenious Website Solution delivers superior connectivity for small and medium size business by : Leading the hosting industry in network bandwidth capacity (100 gigabits/sec). Always using redundant, excellent routing equipment. Our network is designed without single points of failure - there are redundant core routers, core distribution switches, and carrier diversity, in the unlikely event of equipment failure, the network will continue to optimally perform. Purchasing bandwidth exclusively from Tier -1 providers so that our customers don't have to suffer from poor peering connections, sub-optimal routing paths, and congested or oversold networks.

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