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Article Front Page Extensions are reporting as uninstalled. But they are, I swear! What's going on?
This error often crops up when extensions become corrupted. The usual solution is to uninstall...
Baxış sayı: 4343
Article Can I still use FTP to upload to my site if I use Front Page?
If you have installed Front Page extensions on your account, you should not use FTP to upload to...
Baxış sayı: 4217
Article Can I use Front Page forms with my account?
Yes you can. These should work the same as any other Front Page published part of your web site.
Baxış sayı: 4400
Article Do you provide Microsoft FrontPage Technical Support?
We try our best to help out as much as we can, but for obvious reasons, it is next to impossible...
Baxış sayı: 4447
Article How can I activate FrontPage support on my account?
From within your Cpanel control panel, please click on 'front page extensions' to begin the...
Baxış sayı: 4440
Article How can I remove Front Page Extensions from my account?
This can be accomplished by clicking 'frontpage extensions' under the 'site management' header in...
Baxış sayı: 4462
Article How do I install Front Page Extensions?
Front Page Extensions can be installed easily from the Cpanel of the account you wish to install...
Baxış sayı: 4593
Article How do I use FrontPage to publish my website?
Before you can publish your web site with FrontPage, you must have a page already created or...
Baxış sayı: 4433
Article I am getting an error when I try to publish my web. What's going on?
Here are some common causes of problems publishing with Front Page: 1) Front Page extensions...
Baxış sayı: 4394
Article I get a 500 'internal server error' when I try to use Front Page. What gives?
Front Page extensions have a nasty habit of becoming corrupted. Usually, the most common cause of...
Baxış sayı: 4329
Article I just created my account and I can't upload with Front Page. What's wrong?
In order to publish using FrontPage your domain name must have finished propagation. Propagation...
Baxış sayı: 4262
Article I use Front Page 98 and I can't publish. What's wrong?
Microsoft and the makers of the Linux Front Page Extensions have phased out FP98 from being able...
Baxış sayı: 4575
Article I'm getting an error when installing/uninstalling Front Page Extensions.
If you are getting this error or something similar: Chowning Content in service /. Error: An...
Baxış sayı: 4465
Article What are Front Page Extensions?
Front Page extensions refer to the specific method that Microsoft Front Page uses to update...
Baxış sayı: 4477
Article What the heck does "root web busy" mean and how do I fix it?
The usual cause of this error is if your connection has been interrupted during a previous...
Baxış sayı: 4384
Article When I publish with Front Page, how long does it take for the changes to show up?
Changes to Front Page will show up immediately. If you are not seeing them, your browser is...
Baxış sayı: 4228
Article Which versions of Front Page do you support?
We support all Front Page versions from 2000 to the present.
Baxış sayı: 4424

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